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Lethargy in Dogs –Things you must know about  (0 replies)
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: 9/18/2017 6:00:54 AM Reply

The nature dog is an active animal. That's why it has been considering one of the favorite pet to have because you can play with your dog and take him to the job or walk etc. But if you noticed that your dog is lazy or lethargy, then you must worry about because being lethargy is not really the nature of an active animal like a dog. Whilst there is not much worried about if you found your dog start being lazy but if he remains same for a week then there could be a serious issue and you should look for the reason behind it.

Dog Lethargy Symptoms

Following is the list of symptoms due to which your dog can be lethargy. I am including both, the serious and general symptoms to help you to recognize the main reason behind the laziness of your dog:

Metabolic disease: This includes the chronic conditions too like heart problems, hypoglycemia, and diabetes.

Infection: This is not something you have to be worried about; it could be due to change in weather or diet.

Medication: If your dog is on medication, then being lethargy is common especially if you are giving high-intensity drugs.

Diet: Diet only cause lethargy in the dog if your dog is suffering from food poisoning from toxic food.

Tumors: Not every tumor is cancer but removing it on time from your body can save your dog's life.

Other: The other reasons of dog's lethargy include diarrhea, anemia, pain, and hypothyroidism.

If you found any of these symptoms, then you should contact with your dog's vet immediately, because ignoring any of these symptoms could lead to serious illness.

How to determine the cause of lethargy in dogs:

Frankly speaking, you can’t determine this without the help of your vet. Even the vet will ask you for some medical tests to determine the real cause of lethargy. The most common tests include:

  • X-rays

  • A blood count test

  • A fecal exam

  • A biochemical profile

  • A urinalysis

The vet will suggest the test on the basis of symptoms which he/she will notice in the dog. If symptoms are not very serious, then there may not need for any of the above mentioned medical tests at all. But knowing the cause of lethargy in the dog through these medical tests give you a better insight through which you can take care of your dog more and protect your dog from those things which are making your dog lazy.

Treatment for Lethargic Dogs

Ideally only the vet can tell you the ideal treatment for the lethargic dog because every cause of lethargic dog is different and its treatment has been suggested by vet on the basis of causes. So, you must get in touch with your vet to ask for the valid treatment.

Other than this, by providing a healthy environment, feed your dog on time, playing with your dog, taking out him on the walk and spending quality time with your dog can help to get your lethargic dog treat quickly.

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