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Vintage style 2017  (0 replies)
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: 10/1/2017 9:33:31 PM Reply

Vintage style and clothes – you have probably heard about it more than once. Many celebrities and fashion bloggers like to brag how some pieces of high fashion they own are vintage, some of them brag about buying vintage clothes in second-hand shops. But what is there to brag about old clothes, you may ask? Actually, i asked the same question in the past and it took me quite some time to understand it completely – i finally got it when i got older. I have a theory only someone mature can understand that the new is not always the best.


Vintage clothes are clothes that by definition belong to another era, precisely period between the 20s and 1990s – clothes that IMITATE the vintage clothes are called retro, and anything made before 1920s is considered antique.

There are people today who enjoy the romantic fashion of the past and many of them will swear their lives on vintage clothes. Most of the time vintage piece is combined with the modern one's, wich for the result has a wide variety of fashion combinations that just look absolutely amazing.

The thing with vintage clothes is that they are of higher quality than clothes made today – consumerism take tool on the quality of clothes, both how they are made and fabric quality, that's why vintage peace are held in high regard.

Vintage style was always appreciated but its popularity became huge in the period of 1990s and later, mostly due to it being one of the favorites of  models, actresses, singers such as Julia Roberts, Kate Mss, Dita VonTeas, Renee Zellweger and so on – basically a very good promotion of the style is what made it blossom.


Vintage style is also often promoted by people who like promoting recycling – ''why not use old and good instead of creating new and in process destroying the planet'' , they say… so hippies, or how we call them today, greenies,  have accepted the style open-handed themselves, that's why the vintage clothes have been the huge part of Bohemian style aswell.


Because we know the good old ''fashion repeats itself'' vintage clothes have always been in demand, original is always in the higher position than a mere copy – i mean, come on a vintage Coco Chanel jacket, the one approved by Coco herself is a million dollar peace, you will have to agree.


I don't know if you have noticed, but trend for 2016 and 2017 is very retro – Bardot style is huge with Bardot tops,high wasted skirts and jeans , bell bottoms and so on – so if you have a vintage peace from, lets say the 80s, you are on a high trend horse for this season my friend.


When it comes to this style, if you want to wear it, you can not go wrong, just go old. You don't even have to pick only one era, you can play along with many eras, combine them, have fun with fashion.


So now that we know what vintage is, i am going to go through my mothers and grandmothers closets, and i would recommend you to do the same.







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