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What are human instagram comments? How they are different from bots?  (0 replies)
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: 1/21/2018 4:28:22 AM Reply

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If you are a person who is looking forward to purchasing Instagram comments, you might be searching for it online. When doing so, it is of no surprise that you come across sites that are selling human remarks, real and fake ones, as well as bots. Being an individual that uses Instagram on daily basis, or a business that is operating on the social platform, you may be unaware of difference. When you are about to buy such engagement for your post you should ensure that you always go for human Instagram comments. Platforms like provide you a chance to grab the best available deals regarding real likes, comments, and followers at best possible price. Now, what’s the difference between real and fake? How bots and humans work differently? We will discuss it below.

Human or real comments

If you are an individual that want some real engagement on his or her post that you must go for this kind of deal. It is because the human or real remarks, as the name suggests, actually happen on your profile. There are individuals from around the globe that will reach your post and comment on it. Depending on your post and keeping in view the interest of people to whom the post will reach, the provider will have some active profiles commenting on your post.

For instance, you go to and ask them to provide you a specific number of comments on a particular post. Then, you will have to sit back and relax and you will figure out that there are opinions starting to flow on your image or video. When you will open any profile of an individual who is commenting, you will find that the person truly exists and has this operational account with all other activities (posting on his profile and engagement with other accounts) happening there.

Bots or fake comments

On the other side, bots or fake remarks are merely an increase in the count of comments on your profile. There won’t be any actual engagement in it. The profiles are usually fake and run by bots that are programmed by professionals to work this way. Whenever they enter a URL, the bot will come into play and he will immediately reach that post and comment something pre-programmed.

For example, you go to a company and you ask them to provide comments. Knowingly or unknowingly, they use bots and fake profiles for the job and let you achieve the desired count. The thing is that when you will open the particular profile, you will get the sense that it is fake. Although some of them are well constructed to make it feel like they are real but in truth they are not run by active individuals rather than computer software. So, there will be no engagement on your post.

Final words

So, if you want to have just an increment in the number of remarks on your profile you can go with bots. They are cheap option and will fulfill the demand. But for those of you who really want people to reach to their post and engage with it, human Instagram comments is the right option.

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