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The Role and Position of girls in Islam  (0 replies)
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: 12/30/2016 2:07:10 AM Reply

Islam is the first religion that focuses and assures the rights of women. This pays greater importance to the women and the role in family and wider society. The european media is gravely describing the ill condition of women in Islam. They will are trying to their fullest level to weaken the position of women in Islam.

Whosoever wishes to understands the privileges and position of women is Islam should read and understand Quran and hadiths. It is no where mentioned in Quran that woman is extra or their importance are much less. Islam pays off is the sole certitude that stresses on the education of women. A single entire chapter that is Surah Nisa has recently been written on women protection under the law and position. muslim husband and wife It is clear from the words of Quran how important women are. It speaks about the political, public, family and economical privileges of the women.

Islam says women are the great blessings. When the lady is daughter she keeps immense rewards for her parents, when she is wife she actually is the very best source of pleasure on her behalf husband and when the lady is mother the complete nirvana comes under her toes. Rearing of daughter keeps more values and prize for father in this world and hereafter.

It can be mentioned in Quran and Hadith that rearing and educating one single little girl holds the value of that of three kids. Islam pays greater gratitude to women when the girl with mother. The importance of mother is far much greater than that of a father. A mother value is 3 x more than that of a father. It really is plainly described in Quran that the complete heaven which is the most beautiful and great creation of Allah is situated under the feet of a mother. Such is the glory of rights of a wife in islam.

Aside from these, Islam also talks somewhat gives economical rights to the women. It opens women from the financial burden. It is stated in the Holy Publication Quraan that the women role is running and managing the family that is she is trusted with the management of household affairs rather than appreciated to earn money for the family. When is an unmarried she is the responsibility of the father and brother then when she is married the girl is the under total responsibility of her hubby. Thus Islam frees female from the financial responsibility.



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